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Ms. Zenaida E. Palisoc President and CEO of Dermcare

It all started with a young girl’s dream to grow older gracefully, with ageless beauty that glowed from within.

When asked what made her go into the beauty, health, and wellness industry, President and CEO of the Dermcare Group Ms. Zenaida E. Palisoc, or Madam Zeny as she is fondly called, laughingly recalled that she had always wanted to look beautiful and at her best. Even as a teenager, she was determined to find products and treatments that would help her with her dark, problematic skin. As the years went by, she tried almost every local and imported beauty product that promised her a fairer complexion and would help keep her skin clean, supple, and fresh. Finding most of those products unsatisfactory and lacking, she finally realized it made more sense to develop those products herself, because she knew exactly what she and most women wanted.

Pioneering Affordable Skin Care and Treatments for Filipinos

And so Madam Zeny’s love affair with beauty, health, and wellness began. In 1989 she and her husband, then Board Director of the Livelihood Foundation under the Office of the President, the late Joselito L. Palisoc, established ZET Pharmaceuticals and Dermcare Professional Skin, Hair, and Spa.

Madam Zeny and Sir Tito Palisoc opened their first Dermcare branch, a combination pharmacy and skin clinic, in a 20sqm space along Taft Avenue, where they catered to a niche market of Filipinos who were looking for top-of-the line specialty skin care preparations and treatments at affordable prices. That small clinic pioneered the whitening business in the country, and under the hands-on care and supervision of Madam Zeny, has now grown to be a trusted brand with more than 100 branches spread out across the Philippines.

Building The Business

The growth of Dermcare hasn’t been all posh and glamour. Madam Zeny dedicated years of hard work, commitment, and sacrifice to bring the brand to where it is today. After Sir Tito passed away, she invested herself even more into the business, to the extent of training under a dermatologist to learn how to give facials herself. Later on when Dermcare started offering massage services, she trained to become a licensed massage therapist through the Department of Health and London’s CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists). Recently, with the rapid growth and expansion of the business, she got over her initial apprehension of going back to school and secured for herself a Masters in Entrepreneurship at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business where she graduated as a gold medalist.

This discipline and dedication to the craft is instilled into each and every Dermcare employee. Before they are even fielded out to their assigned branches, they are all flown to Manila to undergo a comprehensive and rigorous one-month training sessions including Human Anatomy and Physiology. Therapists are trained directly by Dermcare’s medical director and resident dermatologist, who ensures that by the end of the session, these employees will have made a firm commitment to adhere to the quality and performance standards that the company has set for the business.


Aiming to become THE preferred brand in the beauty, health, and wellness industry, Dermcare has resolved to provide its customers with innovative products and services that are responsive to their needs and lifestyles. There is constant product research and development, upgrading, and training to ensure that all business units – including its products, services, and people – remain attuned to, if not ahead of the quickly transforming market.

Madam Zeny is quick to point out that Dermcare has persevered through two global crises, has grown exponentially, and has become a respected trust brand because the organization is made up of passionately caring professionals with years of skills and experience, who all want to make a difference in the lives of others. These people are the cornerstones of Dermcare’s success throughout the years.

30 Gorgeous Years

On its 30th year in the market, Dermcare is now celebrated as a one-stop-shop beauty, wellness, and rejuvenation center, continuously delighting its clientele with safe and effective skin, hair, and body care products and services at a superior value. The brand itself has become synonymous to the diamond peel, which they also pioneered and is still its bestselling service, along with whitening treatments, pimple control, and anti-ageing treatments.

And as it continues to innovate, transform, and lead the industry, Dermcare has expanded to offer even more specialized care for its growing clientele. Aside from its flagship brands – Dermcare Professional Skin Hair and Spa and the Dermcare Luxe Wellness and Spa – the Dermcare Group now includes Brow Hub and the Belle La Peau Waxing Salon, which were designed to deliver highly personalized services for discerning customers.

Together, Dermcare, Brow Hub, and Belle La Peau – led by Madam Zeny Palisoc and carried through by the men and women who make up the Dermcare Group – are all geared up and excited to carve out even more milestones into the beauty, health, and wellness industry.


Halloween Night of the Stars 2019 October 31, 2019 12pm to 4pm

Come and celebrate this year’s most colorful, attractive and un-scary Halloween costume party! Halloween Night of the Stars 2019 is a grand Halloween costume celebration where more than 500 kids, teens and the whole family will gather together in theirgrandest and most colorful costumes inspired by Justice League, Avengers, Disney movies, Fairytales, Pinoy superheroes, animae characters, among others.

The event will be held in one of the unique fun-dining restaurants in the heart of Quezon City, MOVIE STARS CAFÉ, located at the Ground Floor of Eton Centris Mall, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, on October 31, 2019, from 1pm to 4pm.

For the price of P750, participants will enjoy food and drinks exclusively catered by Movie Stars Café, loot bags and freebies, a whole 3 full shows where costumed dancers will perform to everyone’s delight, mascot parade, best in costume competition (kids, teens and adult categories), face painting, and other fun, prizes and surprises!

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This event is organized by Elle 784 Public Relations and Events Services, in cooperation with Unilever, Sunsilk, Vaseline Lotion, Dental First, Citibank, Robby Rabbit, Nature Spring, Gardenia, Magnolia Chocolait, Mogu-Mogu, Welch’s and Lotus. Media Partners include Business Mirror, Sound Strip, Saksi and TNN Philippines.

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BEST Magazine’s 3rd Year Anniversary for the 3rd OUTSTANDING MEN &WOMEN OF THE YEAR (2019)PHILIPPINES.

Awardees is based in Power, gauging on the contributions they have made to the society and the nation, the advocacies they have initiated or have taken active participation, of which serve as an inspiration to others.

Some of Past awardees includes: Hon. Vilma Santos-Recto, Megan Young (Ms. World 2013), Hon. Monsour Del Rosario, Alma Concepcion (Ms. Grand Universe 2019), Ms. Rhea Santos (Newscaster GMA7/TV Host), Maggie Wilson-Consunji(TV Host/Actress), Ara Mina (Award Winning Actress), Congresswoman Florida P. Robes, Ms. Jikkie Lee-Ines (Businesswoman), Elwood Perez (Award Winning Director), Karen Ibasco (Former Miss Earth), Rosa Rosal (Former TV Host / Award Winning Actress), Sanya Lopez (Actress), Arnold Vegafria (Talent Manager / Beauty Pageant Organizer) and to name a few.

Awards night is slated on November 25, 2019 (Monday), 7:30pm at Teatrino Promenade Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines.

Shown in Photo:

Top Row Left to Right:GaziniGanados (Miss Universe Philippines 2019 / Pageantry), Hon. Isko Moreno (Public Service), Catriona Gray (Miss Universe 2018 / Pageantry), Wilbert Tolentino (Business), Nora Aunor (Superstar / Entertainment), Dante Salamat(Realtor) &SharifaAkeel (Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 / Pageantry).

Middle Row Left to Right: John Salandanan (Business), IzaCalzado (Entertainment), William Thio (Public Affairs), Marilou Tolico-Villanueva (Pageant Directorship / Woman Leadership), Atom Araullo (Journalism), Keanna Reeves (Entertainment)& Allan Taunan Direct Sales International).

Bottom Row Left to Right: Faye Tangonan (Pageantry), John Estrada (Entertainment), ConconSiñel (Fashion), Helen Miller (Philanthropy), Ejay Pardo (Direct Sale International), Dr. Mario Guiang JR. (Social Media Influencer)&Leah May Luna-Panisales (Mrs. Grand Universe 2019 / Pageantry).

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Lamudi Highlights Sustainability and Resiliency in the Philippine Setting

Climate change is a global issue. It is one that is pushing the Philippines to act upon its weak spots and harness its strengths. “It’s inevitable,” Lamudi CEO Bhavna Suresh says at the media roundtable held last September 27 in partnership with Holcim Philippines and Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA). Though the country may be facing a dire situation, there is plenty to be done in response to climate change, from big, industrial efforts to small, household changes. 

Lamudi reinforced their support for building resilient and sustainable cities with the first panel discussion, Sustainability Efforts for the Philippines of NGOs and Private Organizations. NGOs, private organizations, and green developers were represented in the discussion, which tackled the roadblocks to green development in the Philippines and determined the efforts already in place to steer the country into a greener future. 

Highlighting Resilience 

“Most of our coastal municipalities want to be cities eventually. How do we push them towards not just sustainability but also push them to also look at measures that will make them resilient as well?” Atty. Angela Ibay, Head of the Climate and Energy Program of the World Wide Fund for Nature, posed an important question at the roundtable, steering right into the thick of the important topic of sustainability and climate change. 

In a country that is dotted with high-rise mixed-use buildings and humble coastal homes, the effort to save the environment is tightly coupled with the measures developers can take to safeguard the value of their legacy. One solution, something as simple as planting trees, encourages the growth of foliage and relieves some of the urban heat island effect our cities are experiencing right now. However, it is not enough. 

“It’s not a question anymore of whether you can control climate change or not. It’s about adapting to the effects of climate change. It’s here. We are experiencing it now,” says Wesley Caballa, Senior Manager for Sustainability of Costa Del Hamilo Inc. According to Caballa, Hamilo is actively pursuing efforts to protect mangrove forests to do their part as a company.

Hamilo is one of many companies that have started making changes in keeping with a more climate-conscious business ethos. Climate change has not spared the Philippines with its onslaught, and with lives at stake, developers cannot sit around and wait. 

“We are already in an area of the world that is highly, highly susceptible to all these natural disasters, and climate change made us more vulnerable to that,” adds Justine Santos-Sugay, Director for Resource Development and Communications of Habitat for Humanity. 

Addressing Roadblocks to Sustainability 

The Philippines has not been remiss when it comes to sustainable efforts. One of the problems developers and real estate experts face, however, is misinformation or lack of dissemination at the grassroots. 

“When you ask a common fisherman, ‘What do you know about climate change?’ Sometimes they say it’s synonymous to disaster without knowing why,” adds Caballa. “It’s really important for them to know what is wrong, what climate change is all about.” 

Santos-Sugay weighs in: “When you think about it, when you look at the issue of climate change, climate change seems to exaggerate or re-highlight a lot of the already pre-existing social themes.” 

One issue all Filipinos will relate to, especially in the Philippine capital, is the water shortage. Despite the typhoons that visit the country and leave damage in low-lying areas, there is water shortage because the rainfall missed the dams that are meant to supply water to the majority of the city. Ferdzdela Cruz, former Chief Executive Officer of Manila Water Company, Inc., emphasizes the urgency of the matter: “It’s up to us to make hard choices for us to be resilient. There are no easy choices at this point. For us to make that, we need to have a constructive dialog and without the misinformation.” 

Dela Cruz also mentions the disparity in the supply and demand for water supply. According to him, “There are two issues on water–there’s the supply side and there’s the demand side. On the supply side, there is a roadmap of what needs to be done, but there are delays in the execution of the roadmap. There’s always opposition to a big water project.” 

Long-term solutions to water shortage and climate change are further hampered by the lack of initiative at the individual level. According to Dela Cruz, people forget about the problem once they have water, but it quickly resurfaces when another water shortage is felt. 

Sustainability in the Commercial and Industrial Sectors

Much of the effort real estate developers have put into sustainability can be seen in the commercial buildings they have strategically positioned in key cities. Jaime “JJ” Fernandez, Strategic Management Consultant of Menarco Development Corporation, mentions the savings Menarco Tower is able to pass on to its tenants through its sustainable design. According to Fernandez, “There is an estimate that the tenant will save about 20% in terms of energy consumption because the way the building is built is very efficient.”

Fernandez also highlights the human aspect of thinking sustainable. “Prospective tenants would rather pay a little bit more rent” when they know the building will take care of their employees.  

This, paired with Dela Cruz’s observation that people will be more responsible if the problem pinches their bill, makes the case for green developments: rather than lose money in inefficient designs, developers, tenants, and residents can save by prioritizing sustainability. 

The Philippines, which receives ample sunlight because of its equatorial location, can do more to utilize solar energy, one of the most efficient ways to be sustainable. James Buskowitz, Chief Executive Officer of Buskowitz Group, explains that projects harvesting solar energy come in levels: “Residential scale has always been the goal, but not in the beginning. Typically, when a country starts developing solar projects, it always starts with utility, then it goes to commercial-industrial rooftops, then it goes residential.” 

“If we combine all the roofs in the entire Metro Manila, we would have enough solar energy to power the entire Philippines,” Buskowitz shares. 

Trickling to the Residential Developments 

“What color is your roof?”

A simple question sparked discussion in the roundtable’s second panel discussion, Design and Construction Trends in Real Estate to Build Sustainable and Resilient Cities in the Philippines. It is not a pointless question either, as the simple selection of a white roof can already help a household save energy. 

“A safe home, a resilient city, a safe community is at the heart of what we have to address to adapt to the changes in the climate,” mentions Santos-Sugay. 

To add, Lamudi’s CEO says climate change is not an isolated problem: “All of these inequalities that exist in the world today are getting heightened because of global warming.” 

We are not at a standstill when it comes to sustainable solutions, thankfully. Dela Cruz says, “The supply solutions will come many years from now, but everyone could start doing something on the demand side.” 

One of the solutions proposed is a mirror of what other countries have already implemented: water tariffs. According to dela Cruz, “In other countries, what they’ve done quite successfully during periods of water shortage is to actually adjust the price of water–double or triple–during hot summer months basically to curtail the usage.”

Though this price adjustment has been discussed but not yet explored, companies such as Hamilo Coast have already implemented their own guidelines to conserve water and safeguard the environment from climate change. Hamilo Coast, which aims to be a “microcosm of what could be done,” practices a “top-down approach” on implementing sustainable policies. “The only way that we will see individuals actually follow the rules is if you put a system of checks, balances, and penalties.” 

To get to the finish line, where a more climate-resilient Philippines awaits, each individual has to make impactful changes, but at the forefront are the bigger organizations that can influence those in their respective industries as well. 

With miscommunication proving to be a big roadblock, the discussion needs to be sustained. This is one of the reasons for the creation of the roundtable, as Architect. Amado de Jesus, Vice Chairman of the Philippine Green Building Initiative, mentions, “If you have a bigger role, that’s a bigger responsibility.” 

“Lamudi is a giant brand. With all the buildings that are together, the organizations that you have a big influence on, you can create a big impact,” says de Jesus. 

Panel A: Sustainability Efforts for the Philippines of NGOs and Private Organizations

Ferdzdela Cruz, Former Chief Executive Officer of Manila Water Company, Inc.
Angela Ibay, Head, Climate and Energy Program of the World Wide Fund for Nature
Wesley Caballa, Senior Manager for Sustainability of Costa Del Hamilo Inc.
Justine Santos-Sugay, Director for Resource Development and Communications of Habitat for Humanity
Ferdzdela Cruz, Former Chief Executive Officer of Manila Water Company, Inc.
Angela Ibay, Head, Climate and Energy Program of the World Wide Fund for Nature
Wesley Caballa, Senior Manager for Sustainability of Costa Del Hamilo Inc.
Justine Santos-Sugay, Director for Resource Development and Communications of Habitat for Humanity

Panel B: Design and Construction Trends in Real Estate to Build Sustainable and Resilient Cities in the Philippines

James Buskowitz, Chief Executive Officer of Buskowitz Group
Ar. Amado de Jesus, Vice Chairman of the Philippine Green Building Initiative
JJ Fernandez, Strategic Management Consultant ofMenarco Development Corporation
Left to Right:
James Buskowitz, Chief Executive Officer of Buskowitz Group
Ar. Amado de Jesus, Vice Chairman of the Philippine Green Building Initiative
JJ Fernandez, Strategic Management Consultant ofMenarco Development Corporation
Moderator: Bhavna Suresh, Chief Executive Officer of Lamudi; Panelists from Left to Right: Angela Ibay, Head, Climate and Energy Program of the World Wide Fund for Nature, James Buskowitz, Chief Executive Officer of Buskowitz Group, Ar. Amado de Jesus, Vice Chairman of the Philippine Green Building Initiative, JJ Fernandez, Strategic Management Consultant ofMenarco Development Corporation, Justine Santos-Sugay, Director for Resource Development and Communications of Habitat for Humanity; Aina Cruz, Marketing Manager of Lamudi.

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Philippine SME Business Expo to empower more business this November

PH’s Largest Business-2-Business Expo, Conference, and Networking Event for Small and Medium Enterprises, the 9th Philippine SME Business Expo & Conference [PHILSME] will be opening its doors on November 12 & 13, 2019 at the Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City – expecting to draw thousands of small and medium sized business owners, business professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs from around the country.

Now on its 9th edition of empowering the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines, PHILSME is sponsored by Esquire Financing, Sprout Solutions, DV Boer Farm International, i4 Asia Inc. and Ersao Taiwanaese Restaurant.

Over 250 exhibiting brands will offer wide array of business solutions and opportunities ranging from IT solutions, business consultancy, POS solutions, logistics, financial technology, finance & insurance, human resources & recruitment, office spaces, marketing & advertising, franchising, distributorship and many more. Now on its second run, Innovations Village will be also opened once again to offer latest technological business solutions to support SMEs.

Aside from expo, a business conference will be happening on November 13, 2019 featuring top industry experts talking all about how to grow a business. TV Hosts & Entrepreneurs RJ Ledesma & Howell Mabalot, PH’s Father of Digital Marketing Mannix Pabalan will be among the roster of top-caliber conference speakers.

“Small and Medium Enterprises comprise the largest sector of businesses here in the Philippines. Being the backbone of the Philippine economy, we should help them succeed. This is the very reason why PHILSME has been concepted, to give SMEs the platform to grow and develop. With our SME enablers growing each edition offering the newest business solutions and opportunities, PHILSME will continue its mission to strengthen entrepreneurship and business here in the country. I can’t wait to meet our exhibitors and visitors.”, says PHILSME Founder and Mediacom Solutions, Inc. Chief Events Officer, David Abrenilla.

Supported by the Department of Trade and Industry – Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprises and the Filipino International Franchise Association, opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on November 13, 2019 at 9:00 am with Bureau Director Jerry Clavesillas as Keynote Speaker.

To get a free expo ticket, kindly visit

For more inquiries and how to get conference tickets, contact Ms. Sunshine Sy at +632-218-9517. +632-266-0092, +63-928-732-5557, or +63-927-395-1575 or send an email to

Connect with the SME community via Facebook at and Instagram at Visit also website at

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Pack Print Plas Philippines 2019 Unites Three Industries in One Mega Expo

What are the latest trends in brand packaging? Have manufacturers come up with a solution to the demand for environment-friendly and sustainable containers and wraps to our everyday needs?

This is just one of the issues that producers, suppliers and consumers  learned in Pack Print Plas Philippines, held from October 10 to October 12, 2019 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, the only trade show in the country that gathers the interrelated industries of packaging, plastics, printing and office supplies in one venue.

For the past 27 years, Pack Print Plas Philippines has provided a single platform where producers, suppliers and consumers have convenient access to technology, product development, industry research and production solutions to benefit both international and domestic markets.

This year, the show was even a bigger one with the partnership between trade organizers Global-Link MP and Messe Düsseldorf Asia, providing combined expertise and experience bringing in more foreign exhibitors and trade buyers to the show floor.

Among the much anticipated seminars at the expo was EHS 2019: Environment, Health and Safety Seminar, presented by Gretchen Fontejo Enarle, president of Samahan sa Pilipinas ng mga Industriyang Kimika and sustainability leader as Atlantic Coatings; Parag Bagade, head of Sustainability and Advantage Services for South Asia Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa of Avery Dennison; and Commissioner Crispian Lao, vice chairman of the National Solid Waste Management Commission.

With the printing industry producing a lot of waste, many small- and medium-sized printing companies have minimal knowledge on the proper means of handling chemical wastes. This meeting aims to educate the printing industry in managing proper waste disposal.

A Print Media Management Conference was also held on October 10 from 1:00pm to 6:00pm alongside the expo. This conference covered discussions on global trends in the printing industry, information on drupa 2020, product enhancement with digital foiling and digital services, RFID applications and solutions, and many more. These topics were presented by Polar Mohr Maschinenvertriebsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, Hofheim, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Wiesloch, Windmőller & Hőlscher KG, Lengerich, BW papersystems, and LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG, Fűrth.

This year’s edition of Pack Print Plas Philippines is the biggest in its 27 years of existence – with over 500 booths on display occupying over 10,000 sq. meters of exhibition space. There will also be a massive participation coming from various international trade groups such as China, Germany, Korea, India, Singapore, Taiwan and many more. A total of 15,000 trade buyers attended the 3-day show viewing over 380 of the latest machines and technologies for the industry.

Messe Düsseldorf Asia is a subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, one of the world’s most successful exhibition organizers, responsible for organizing more than 20 of the world’s number one exhibitions in various industries, including plastics, packaging and printing, namely the globally acclaimed K Fair, Interpack and Drupa held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Global-Link MP is the brain behind the successful Hotel Suppliers Show, which staged its 10th edition last September. Other events in its portfolio include PHILCONSTRUCT, Interior & Design Manila, Philippine International Furniture Show, Systems Integration Philippines, Global Security Philippines, China Brand Show, Transport & Logistics Philippines, and many more. For more information:

Pack Print Plas Philippines was held along with Manufacturing Technology World and Engineering Technology World, another series of trade shows that industry watchers are always looking forward to. The event was co-organized with the Philippine Center for Print Excellence Foundation Inc. and the Philippine Plastics Industries Association (PPIA) and is supported by the Philippine Printing Technical Foundation (PPTF).